It's always an adventure. Every year I begin searching through my files, looking for the images that make me catch my breath. Those are the ones that make it to the short list. The majority of them were photographed this past year. To edit further, I assess how the images feel as part of a group. Two images this year have particularly interesting stories. 

March is of blacksmiths' swage blocks used for various forging processes. I recently met artists, Pat and Dan, in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, where they have boldly launched their Center for Metal Arts in a 12,000 square-foot, historic blacksmiths' shop. When I made this photo, one of the blocks was being utilized with a hefty press they affectionately call the "squisher", by which they were about to transform luminous, intensely hot metal bars into rounded shapes.

July's image is in Nellie Myrtle's house in Nags Head, North Carolina, where I returned this past year to photograph once more her life's beach-combing collection. This photo is a glimpse of her simple place full of grace, which has enticed me as much as her collection. After she died, it became home to Chaz and Dorothy, where years ago they created Nellie's display as a small museum. Now they have been compelled to gently pack it all away, and their historic, century-old place, with its remarkable collection, is for sale. A reminder that everything changes.

May you enjoy!