From the Photographer's Note...

I have been on this photo journey for many years now. What has kept my attention without fail is the sensual, beautiful, physical world: sun-painted creek ripples that vanish in a wink; a dramatic break in clouds on a stormy day; elderly books marked by time and the touch of many hands. These experiences bring not only pleasure, but also solace in times of trouble.

Witnessing beauty leads me to the awareness of another dimension within these things and moments. It is mysterious and a challenge to name. Words for it that come to me are "energy" and "life force." I feel it within me, too, and believe that this energy courses through every one of us, linking us to each other and to everything around us. I believe that when we see ourselves as adversaries, we have forgotten that if we are against others, in some significant way we are also against ourselves.

In this New Year, may your heartfelt experiences of connection be many, and may those connections unite us and, against all odds, bring peace.