In this 17th year of creating this calendar, I think back to many years before, when in my early 20s I began to study photography and hang exhibits. I soon became an independent assignment photographer to support myself in work closely allied with my artistic passion.

Ultimately, I specialized in photographing designed spaces - interiors, architecture, and gardens. My images were published for many years in national and regional magazines. Book credits include Pure Sea Glass; Wayne L. Good Architect: Tradition, Elegance, Repose; and Molten Beauty: The Soul of an American Galvanizing Plant.

In the late 1990s, gradually returning to "inner driven" work as my primary focus, I once again began to exhibit in galleries, and then in museums.  My art has been privately collected for many years and is in several corporate and museum collections.

I always have been guided by a keen sense of design, a desire to see beyond the surface, and an abiding trust in my intuitive responses.

For more, please visit the Celia Pearson portfolio site.

Photo above by Doug Coulson